Kwan Leung LING is a Composer and Suona (Traditional Chinese double reed instrument) performer born and raised in Hong Kong. Ling considers his musical style to have been influenced by his national identity and upbringing. Hong Kong is a city bursting with international life and color, and his music concerns itself with finding varying fusions between multicultural music styles. 


Further carried through the gauntlet of higher education across an international field. His musical background has permitted him to invent many unique mergers of compositional styles between contemporary world music and traditional Asiatic music forms.

As a contemporary composer, Ling is extremely passionate about receiving new ideas and inspiration through different composers or musicians. Ling had attended master classes held by maestro composers such as Helmut Lachenmann, Christopher Theofanidis, Toivo Tulev, Dmitri Tymoczko, Amy Beth Kirsten, Sarah Kirkland Snider, Michael Daugherty and Amy Williams. And his music has been performed by Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, Trio Mythos, Duo Entre-Nous and UMKC Graduate Fellowship String Quartet.


Ling holds a BFA in Composition from California Institute of the Arts, he is currently completing his Masters in Music in Composition at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory, exploring the new sound by putting in different cultures into his own music, furnishing  by Chen, Yi, Yotam Haber, Paul Rudy and Zhou, Long. Throughout tenureship at the California Institute of the Arts, Ling has exploded in a variety of arts forms. The experiences of collaborating with a number of artists from different fields have become his secret weapon and has strengthened his understanding of the synergetic capabilities of music. 


The experience of studying in UMKC has helped him to manage his collaborative potential and to grow as a composer and collaborator.